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Release Schedule and News for Spring/Summer 2015

Awards and Nominations

Alpha Trine is a finalist in the Rainbow Awards. :-) You can see the article HERE.

GoodReads M/M Romance Member Choice Award Nominations
All Time Favorite M/M Series - Sumeria's Sons
Best Book Of The Year - Striker
Best Cover Art - Striker
Best Established Couples - Striker
Best Polyamorous - Striker
Best Sci-Fi or Futuristic/Post Apocalyptic/Steampunk - Striker
Favorite All Time Author


Release Schedule for 2015/2016
(Dates will be added as they are received)

Songs of the Earth (Sumeria's Sons, #2) - January 7, 2015
Audio Book - Alpha Trine (The Valespian Pact, #1) - February 27, 2015
A New Beginning (Sumeria's Sons Interlude, 2.5) (Free) - March 4, 2015
Audio Book - Striker (The Valespian Pact, #2) - March 31, 2015
Dreams of the Forgotten (Sumeria's Sons, #3) - April 15, 2015
The Aurora Conspiracy (Keep the Stars Running Anthology) - May 13th, 2015
Starting Fires (Sumeria's Sons Interlude, #3.5)
Surrounded By Crimsons (Sumeria's Sons, #4) - July 1, 2015
A Child's Wish (Sumeria's Sons Interlude, #4.5)
Dragon's Eye (Sumeria's Sons, 5)
Untitled (Sumeria's Sons Interlude, 5.5)
Series Finale -- Releasing Chaos (Sumeria's Sons, 6)


Coming Soon To Less Than Three Press

I don't have a release date as of yet but the contract has been signed for the first book in the series which would be a re-release.

Ruby Red Booty Shorts And A Louisville Slugger
Werewolf's Tale And A Druid's Sword


At Fireborn Publishing: Unshakable Series

Playing For Keeps - Free Read - Now available at Fireborn | All Romance (ARe)
Keeping Faith - Now Available at Fireborn | All Romance | B&N | Bookstrand
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New Release: Dreams of the Forgotten (Sumeria's Sons, 3)
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Coming Soon!
Release Date: May 13th
Surrounded by Crimson Released Date: July 1st
Released Date: June 24, 2015
Free LOR Story Coming Summer 2015
February 2015 Alpha Trine releases on Audiobook
March 2015 Striker releases on Audiobook
Interviewed from the MCB Quarterly
Released April 17th, Playing for Keeps & Keeping Faith in one paperback volume.
Released March. Free Sumeria's Sons Interlude.
New Release: Keep The Stars Running Anthology
Available in both eBook and paperback

Now Available At:
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Space is not always filled with adventures and glory. Not everybody goes racing off to battle evil and save the galaxy. Between the rebels, pirates, royals, and spies are the everyday people who work hard just to get by and ensure everyone gets home safe. Less Than Three Press presents a collection of tales about the ordinary folks who keep the stars running.

» The Prince and the Programmer by Cassandra Pierce
» The Aurora Conspiracy by Lexi Ander
» About a Bot by Andrea Speed
» Flight Risk by Talya Andor
» Survival by Leona Carver
New Release July 1st!
Surrounded by Crimson (Sumeria's Sons, 4)
Available in both eBook and paperback

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What else is happening this year? Releases to keep an eye out for...
Sumeria's Sons Interlude: A Child's Wish
Darksoul: The Complete Novel
Coming October 7, 2015, Sumeria's Sons Book Five: Dragon's Eye

Preorder Available at: LT3 Press |  
ION Book One: Ruby Red Booty Shorts and A Louisville Slugger