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Coming Soon To Less Than Three Press: Sumeria's Sons

These are tentative dates... ^_^ The Interlude's will be added to the schedule as I receive the information.

Twin Flames - Oct 1 2014
Songs of the Earth - January 7 2015
Dreams of the forgotten - April 1 2015
Surrounded by Crimson - Jul 1 2015
Sumeria 5 - October 7 2015
Sumeria 6 - January 6 2016
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Striker, The Valespian Pact, #2
Release Date June 4th See Here
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Attached is the blog tour schedule. Striker's release date is Wednesday, June 4th at Less Than Three Press Click Here 

The giveaway will begin June 1st ending at midnight, June 7th. 

June 1st – Hearts On Fire Reviews (http://heartsonfirereviews.com/) Striker: The next leg of the journey, Atlainticia, the Ancients, and Alpha

June 2nd – Ethan Stone (http://www.ethanjstone.com/) The Makings of a Warrior

June 3rd – Prism Book Alliance (http://www.prismbookalliance.com/) Antiheroes

June 4th – GGR Reviews (http://www.ggr-review.com/) You Sunk My Battle Ship!

June 5th – Piper Vaughn (http://pipervaughn.wordpress.com/) Mixing Sci-Fi and Fantasy, Is It Still Sci-Fi?

June 6th – Read The Rainbow (http://readtherainbow.weebly.com/) Building Valespia-Verse, What Readers Don't See

June 7th – Allison Cassatta (http://allisoncassatta.blogspot.com/) Fal'Amorics, The Galaxies Best Kept Secret.