Loving Without Limits

ION Series
Title: Ruby Red Booty Shorts and A Louisville Slugger 
Series: I.O.N. #1
PublisherLess Than Three Press
Release Date: March 2, 2016
Cover Artist: Aisha Akeju
Genre: Urban Fantasy / Gay

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Blurb: ​Eager to escape the shadows of a tragic loss, Diego builds a new life with his best friend, Beck. When he finally decides to admit he's in love with Beck, that new life takes a hot and happy turn. But the peace is easily shattered, as he's learned all too well, and this time it's ruined by the arrival of a mysterious package and dangerous men bent on violence.

Memories of a dead brother and an untouchable drug lord rises inevitably to the surface, and Diego dreads the man he loves is mired in the world Diego tried to escape. But Beck's secrets aren't so simple, and neither is the world in which Diego has been living…
Title: Werewolf's Tale and a Druid's Sword
Series: I.O.N. #2
Release Date: August 31, 2016
Cover Artist: Aisha Akeju
Categories: Gay / Paranormal / Urban Fantasy  

ISBN: 9781620048504 

Blurb: After he's kicked out for being gay, still reeling from being abandoned by the man he loves, Jude goes to live with his brother Beck, who thankfully is more than happy to take him in. But Jude has other secrets he's yet to share, for fear that even Beck will reject him, leaving him well and truly alone.

Then he draws the attention of werewolves, and discovers that everything he thought he knew about Levi, the man who abandoned him, is a lie. But one lie leads to another, ending in a vast conspiracy that threatens to destroy everything Jude loves—and that doesn't even begin to include the challenges that Beck is facing.​

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