Loving Without Limits

This section is currently under construction. I plan to include information about the people of the Valespian Pact series.

Planet: Atlainticia
Capitol: Thrace
Race: Mar'Sani
Government: Constitutional Monarchy

Appearance: Bi-ped Reptilian
  Avg. 2 meters tall
  Immense strength
  Bear live young & suckle them
  Strong, heavy tale
  No white in the eyes
  Forked tongue

Royalty: black scales, yellow eyes, poisonous, red ridge & red tipped barbs
Oxygen breathing. Lives on meat & vegetables, must have plenty of water and moderate temps.
Feudal society with tradition of loyalty and responsibility between nobility and their client families
The emperor rules with a governing council of Noble Houses. Militaristic, proud of displaying their courage in battle. They have a tradition of independence that makes them impatient with bureaucracy.
Mothers are called, Meme.

Monticore – the elite honor guard. The only regiment allowed to guard the royals off grounds, and the deadliest.

Basilisc – palace guards.

Race: GyrFalconi (Axis de la Rhynch, navigator of Oethra 7)
Average height: 5'5" – 7' (feet) (Axis: 2.3 meters)
Forced evolution by the Terrens
Blood type: Iron Based
Plant: Aries 7
Common Occupations: navigator, spirit speaker, spirit tracker

Appearance (Axis): bi-ped humaniod
brightly plumage instead of hair
Red & grey feathers, plum is red tipped grey
Eye color: black ringed with yellow – great eye sight
Skin: brown
Four toed feet – 3 at point one rear
Both hands and feet have strong sharp nails
Nose covered with a hard, wide boney plat – makes him appear flat faced

Immune to psi-attacks, sensing & probes
Natural sense on a galactic scale where they know where they are at all times in relation to their hom planet.
Fiercely independent
Undeveloped wings due to the Terren experiments. 
Deep dislike of humans in all forms – considered them weak minded, destructive & inferior. When asked they say humans have little regard for themselves, of their environment, things the Gryfalconi treat with profound respect.
Believe if they die anywhere in the universe their sprite will go back to Aries 7.
Spirit trackers can find lost souls

Race: Gazinti (Gaex: Pilot;  Mayra: Medical)
Height: 3' – 4' or 0.9 - 1.2 meters
Blood Type: Iron based
Common Occupation: medic/specialist, pilot, engineer

Appearance: (Mayra) light brown fur, brown eyes
(Gaex) striped black and white fur, green eyes
Both hands and feet are 3 fingered with opposable thumbs
Covered in short fur –grows much longer around the fringe of their head like a lion's man
Large eyes – slit irises
Small feline faces
Large pointed ears

Naturally nocturnal
Developed force field tech invulnerable to attack for their own ships since they do not engage in combat.
Won't trade with humans
Peaceful race – extreme pacifist.